Festiv town

Exhibition text

EP2, Kareem Lotfy, 2015, pdf document, Kindle

Animal, Mineral, Vegetable, Machine, Riley Harmon, 2016

You’re on the guestlist for scalable affection (beer labels and bags), Femke Herregraven, 2016, beer labels and bags

You’re on the guestlist for scalable affection (beer labels and bags), Femke Herregraven, 2016, beer labels and bags

We are making a new world, Paul Nash, 1914, oil painting [reproduction banner]

Tell the sun, Dina Danish, 2015, custom printed umbrellas

Buglife, Katja Novitskova, 2016, robotic insects, resin, display stands

Smiley I, Joseph Gower, 2015, mirror, spray paint

Bruno Zhu, 2016

There is no doubt in singularity, Evita Vasiljeva, 2015, plaster, reinforcing steel, wax, elastic bands [reproductions of documentation on printed fabric]

HOTTOHTUBBUT, Lauren Hall, 2015, video, iPhone

Boules, Machteld Rullens, 2016, wire, spray paint

Extract from The Denton Welch Journals, Denton Welch, 1952, this entry dated 14th May, about 11pm, 1946

Fire gazing, Rustan Söderling, 2016, video

Everythin’ I do, I do it for you, Timur Si-Qin, 2013, video

Field Studies 5-7, Dan Walwin, 2004, video

One Shot: Brandon Semenuk's unReal Segment, Teton Gravity Research, 2015, video [original sound replaced with Moments in Love (Quiet Storm Version), Art of Noise, 1984, audio]

Baffin (Very peasant [sic!] stay) sic! Jenny Lindblom, 2016, plexi, LED strip, towels

The Inner Rings of Hell, Jacob Dwyer, 2016, 40' performance (performed by Daniel Vorthuys)

I reached inside myself through time (Dance mix), Dennis McNulty, 2016, endless remix of The sun always shines on TV by a-ha, Raspberry Pi computer, cabling and amplification

Wisp, Marcia Gratton, 2016, video

Zombie T-shirt (upgrade), Mary Furniss, 2015, dirt, oil, tape, embroidery, canvas sewn on cotton t-shirt

Teaser, Rebecca Stephany, 2016, digital print on cell phone case, video [both on phone] brown synthetic hair, natural latex tubing, white nylon mesh, tubing, brown rice, straw, plaster, clear plastic ring, clear silicone bra strap, brass chain, natural sisal rope, red tape, white, cowhide, silver and brass binder rings, black rubber cord, dark green cotton cord, orange elastic cord, black raffia

Regulatory Bodies (FDA), Olga Balema, 2015, metal, salt-pickled cucumber slices

Fusion Threshold (or The Fountainhead), Rubén Grilo, 2016, thermoplastic, silicone spray paint, chocolate fondue, motor

Micro Expression Diagnostic Bunting Tool (Festiv town), Emile Zile, 2016, printed paper, cord