Truth: Field Recordings, from Sounds of Crisis, Edith Jerábková

Town at Edge of Garden at Edge of Town, Kaunas, Echo Gone Wrong, Vaida Stepanovaite
The Promise of the Black Box, Domeniek Ruyters, from A Critical History of Media Art in the Netherlands,
ed. Sanneke Huisman and Marga van Mechelen

Finding words, Metropolis M, Zippora Elders
6th Rennes Biennale, Rennes, this is tomorrow, Helena Julian
Postinternet paradijs, Metropolis M, Domeniek Ruyters
With Wide Open Screams / or Crisis / or Verse / or Green: The 6th Edition of Les Ateliers De Rennes, Mousse Magazine,
Céline Kopp interviewed by Isabella Zamboni

6th Rennes Biennale, Rennes, H-Art, Nanda Janssen

Over hang, W139, Amsterdam, Frieze, Jonathan P. Watts
Over hang, W139, Amsterdam, Metropolis M, Jorik Galama
Daughter’s name is settled snow

High Definition, accompanying exhibition, Kunstmuseum Bonn, Niekolaas Johannes Lekkerkerk
Eeriness: Tracing an Unquiet Tradition in British Landscape Art, Tate Etc., Robert Macfarlane
Inflected Objects #2: Circulation - Mise en Séance, De Hallen Haarlem, Metropolis M, Anne Marijn Voorhorst

Sun room, P/////AKT, Amsterdam, this is tomorrow, Maeve Connolly
Sun room, P/////AKT, Amsterdam, NRC, Hans den Hartog Jager

Shallows, Rijksakademie Open, Amsterdam, Taya Hanauer

tele-, accompanying exhibition P/////AKT, Amsterdam, Rahila Haque
End Times, accompanying screening, South London Gallery, London, Jonathan P. Watts
Rijksakademie Open, Amsterdam, NRC, Lucette ter Borg

Optimism at point of no return: Dan Walwin and the Implications of Landscape, Vertigo Magazine, Gareth Evans

Optimism at point of no return, David Pirie